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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching up ... check out the shoes!!

I've been pretty lax in the blog-o-sphere the last couple weeks, what with my vacation, a wedding show, sending the husband away for the holiday weekend and numerous other excuses. So today I am going to share my favorite blogs as I try to wade through the 458 sitting in my google reader. A big thank you to those bloggers out there who weren't slacking on their writing quite as much as I.

Since it's Tuesday, I wanted to take a minute to celebrate the shoes I've seen in these blogs. Ooooh, and there are some awesome ones. I will start with these, which remind me of the two weddings I'm working on with a blue and green theme - how much do these rock!? Bridesmaids, moms, even a little color splash for the bride. Cute cute! Click on the picture to link to them directly, or click here to read the blog that featured them originally.


And to keep with my designer theme, because I am now officially addicted to designer shoes, check out these Christian Diors I found on the Magnolia Rouge blog. Click on the picture to do the whole sticker shock thing. But wouldn't these be great for a sassy bride? I love them.

I found a few other gems as well, so follow along for some link love. (Click on the word 'here' in each bullet)
  • Look no further, bridal perfection is here 
  • Some serious blingy love is right here 
  • You know how I love my Jimmy's; click here for some ballet flats to love
  • This shot here is a for the kids out there, click here for the cutest little cowgirls EVER.

And finally, to commemorate my new found love for Tom's (thanks to my trip to San Fran, one of the girls introduced me to them and they pretty much rock), I found this picture to share on Swatchbook Weddings.

The gold ones are sold out now, but there is a whole wedding line to choose from. And the best thing about Tom's is that for every pair of shoes you buy, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Love that.


  1. Love those green shoes. I wish I'd chosen a more daring color for my wedding shoes! But I was a pregnant bride and more concerned with keeping my food down than planning a wedding :)

    Nice to meet you at BBC on Saturday! One of my best friends is currently planning a wedding, I'll send her to your site.

  2. Lucy, thanks so much for stopping by! It was nice to meet you to!! And THANK YOU for the referral, that means so much!