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Monday, May 9, 2011

What about the groom's attire?

I had a fun conversation with one of my grooms-to-be and his family this weekend. They were discussing the fact that, though they know they have to wear a boring old tux or suit, "wouldn't it be fun if we could wear ..." and off they went, dreaming up their perfect attire.

This has inspired me to find some groom fashion for you today. So check it out, here are some funky, offbeat grooms having a little fun with their wedding day attire.

This morning on OBB's Monday Montage, it was all about blue. Check out the awesome, comfy casual look this groom and his dudes are sporting. I love the khakis on the groomsmen!

This BMX wedding (again from OBB, they rock!) was most awesome. Check out the link, there are some pretty cool pictures, but my favorite is this one of all the groomsmen. Green tie, green shoes ... very chill.

Click here for a link to a great thread of pics from offbeat bride, they did an article a couple years ago on this very subject.

You guys, I so wish I was at this wedding. 80's night. Vegas. What more could you need? This one was written up on a few of the blogs I read, but I'll give props here, back to Offbeat Bride.

Over on Rock n Roll Bride, they featured this ecclectic group of friends, and they are all totally rocking this laid back look. Mostly I love it for the chucks. You just can't go wrong with chucks on the wedding day, right?

Finally, why not have a little fun with your outfit, create something a little more unique? Use this contest as inspiration and make your own Duct Tape suit!


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  2. Thank you so much! And I agree - the attire for that wedding was so great!