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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Evil Queen inspiration board

One of my favorite people is turning 40 this coming year and we are throwing an awesome party to celebrate. Because we don't do things halfway, it's going to be a tented, catered affair on her sports court with a DJ, a photo booth, and of course, costumes. More on the party later. Today, let's talk attire.

The theme for the night is Disney - everyone is to come in their favorite costume, and they are to put some thought into it. I want to share my inspiration board, because I am obsessing over it lately. I am going as the Evil Queen from Snow White.

But I'm putting my own special twist on the costume. Instead of the above picture, I am using the below one for my inspiration.

Yay!! I'm so excited! I have been poking around ebay, pinterest, and etsy and have come up with some pretty awesome ideas. Trying to piece this together on a very strict budget will be a challenge, but I think I've found some great pieces.

For my attire, I'm bidding on these items on ebay (cross your fingers, please!):

The dress will need a little work, but I know a seamstress or two that can help me whore it up a bit. I am loving the cloak, it's the second one I've bid on (the first one went over my allotted amount).

And how about these, for the accessories?

I'm pretty set on the clothes, but still playing around with the accessories. Any suggestions?