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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sounders & weddings; two of my favorite things.

Josh & Alicia are getting married this weekend at a beautiful venue in Snohomish and I am so excited!! I have been working with these two for over a year to help plan their wedding, and all that hard work will culminate in a most beautiful and fun event this Saturday evening.

From the beginning they told me they wanted their colors to be a Sounders blue and green, and there were a few items that they wanted to tie into their traditional yet "quirky" day. From our first meeting way back in early 2011, these were my two favorite ideas and I'm excited to give you a little sneak peak.

Wedding favors everyone can use AT the wedding! 

Set at each table as an alternate beverage choice for guests, Josh & Alicia asked the folks at Jones Soda to design personalized labels for their green apple, blue bubblegum, and vanilla bean soda's. The labels were another use for their super cute engagement photos, and there is even a special thank you from the couple on the back.

Awesome right? Just wait for the next one ...

Best. Cake topper. Ever.

You guys!


That look like the couple!!

On the cake!!

They had these specially made, using images of themselves, and an image of her dress. And, of course, the Sounders logo. These are so cool. I keep giggling and cheering every time I look at this picture.

Happy wedding weekend to Josh & Alicia! I am so excited to share in this day with you and your friends and families, and I wish you guys a calm, peaceful, fun and amazing day.


Monday, March 5, 2012

I got this!

This came across my facebook timeline this morning. It is still making me chuckle, hours later. It perfectly encapsulates what I do. If I could put this on my business cards, I totally would!