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Friday, August 5, 2011

Engagement Photos: Josh & Alicia

Josh and Alicia were referred to me a few months ago by a fellow soccer board member. I pretty much want to carry them around in my pocket because they are so happy and smiley and cute and REAL. It's been a blast getting to know them and helping them plan their wedding, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to share their new engagement pictures with you so that you will love them too.


They have endeared themselves to me in many ways, but most importantly by celebrating their love of all things Sounders FC ; as a season ticket holder myself this makes me sososo happy.  Their wedding colors are blue and green, and they have a few other related surprises that I cannot even WAIT to tell you about.

But best of all, they are just down to earth, normal, fun folks. Alicia posted on Facebook recently that she was thinking of trying out for a local Roller Derby team. This pretty much sealed the deal for me. I want to keep her.

Thanks so much, Josh and Alicia, for letting me come along on this journey with you. You guys rock.

Engagement shots by Fred Calma Photography

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