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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Dresses and Marriage

I read an article recently on NPR titled Why Are Wedding Dresses So Expensive? I thought, being NPR, that it would be an insightful article, well researched and full of information about the craftsmanship, the labor, the quality of material, etc. Though those things were mentioned, the part that got me was this:

"A bride's dress can signal how wealthy she is, what her status in society is. But it can also signal how seriously she's taking this marriage." 

Wait. What? Did the author just imply that those that chose not to spend four digits on a wedding gown aren't taking the marriage seriously?!


Let me just tell you that the amount of money you spend is in absolutely no way related to how much you love your significant other. If you chose to have a potluck dinner after a courthouse wedding while wearing your go-to outfit (the one that makes you feel like a rockstar), this is no way signifies that you aren't as in love as someone who fits into the '12 most expensive weddings ever' category.

Having a lavish wedding is not equal to a long and fulfilling marriage. Just ask Sir Paul. Or Christina Aguilera. Or Lady Di.

Folks please, listen to me here. Hear me. Believe me. Your marriage has no bearing WHATSOEVER on the amount of money it cost to celebrate it. Your marriage will not last longer if you spend multiple tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wedding. Marriage takes work, it takes compromise, it takes love and respect. It does NOT take an $8,000 wedding gown.


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