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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love and rainbows and a stiff drink

I love weddings, obviously. Even though the day itself is a long one, it is usually filled with some awesome moments, and there are always things I take away from each event. I spend my drive home after the wedding recapping the day, thinking about all the things I want to remember, trying to hold on to the happy feeling I have when I leave every event (because, come on, my clients are all awesome and I want them all to become life long friends). I have every intention of spending the day after the wedding blogging it all so I can have something solid to remember it by.

But then I wake up the next day. And I'm sore, and exhausted. And all I want to do is check out, rest up a bit, hug my kids, have the husband wait on me, have a stiff drink. And the blog never gets written. Three years (well, even more if you count all the hobby weddings) of beautiful weddings, amazing people, vendors I've enjoyed and want to wholeheartedly recommend, new friends I would love to keep up with ... it all gets buried as the next wedding comes up and the focus shifts.

So today I'm determined. The last two couples I've worked with have been so awesome, and so different. And then there's a third wedding that I didn't even get to attend (a pre-wedding consult). And you guys ... sigh. Awesomeness.

So I'm going to start with last weekend, because it was monumentous.

Last weekends was so cool. Lyndsey and Kamal were from DC and got married in her hometown of Gig Harbor. It was a mix of India (him) and America (her) and it was ... awesome. They blended their cultures together and they did it perfectly. I can't wait to show off pictures. But as a teaser, here are my totally lame cell phone pictures. And my promise that I will forever want to hire a Bhangra Dance Troupe for every family gathering I have, ever. And probably DJ Aanshul as well, because he's awesome and can set the vibe for a hell of a party.

Those strips of color waving from the tree are cut up Sari's. Such a beautiful ceremony!
A bit of a teaser of what all the vendors are up to while the ceremony is going on.

The Bhangra dance troupe. For real, do it!! 
This wedding was so much fun, for many reasons. But other than the Bhangra Dance Troupe which, again, totally rocked, and my new friend DJ Aanshul, who I will party with for a long while, the highlight to my evening was Kamal, the groom.

In our planning sessions, Kamal was a bit detail oriented and I was concerned with whether he would be able to let it all go and live in the moments of the day. But he did let it go, he did live in the moment, and he enjoyed the hell out of the whole damn night. And at the end of the night he talked a little about the Lovings, an interracial couple that took their right to be married all the way to the supreme court, and he endeared himself to me forever.
“When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person, that society has cut off a segment of my freedom,” Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., 1958.
Until the moment he gave his speech, thanking this couple who fought 50+ years ago for the right to marry someone of a different race, it didn't occur to me that Lyndsey and Kamal might have any obstacles in front of them. The fact that they were of different races didn't even dawn on me. In my happy little world, love is love and everyone needs to chill the fuck out and let them spread their love around.

But I want to thank them both. I will forever remember Kamal, and his love for Lyndsey, and their passion for life and living and being happy and I will cheer them on. They are bringing us all a step closer to a happy world of love and peace and rainbows.

And for a brief moment, I got to be a part of it. I got to be part of their love, part of their passion, and part of a step forward.

This is why I love weddings.