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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things ...

I'm still sorting through the blogs in my google reader (I've found many more awesome blogs to read since my weekend stint at Bloggy Boot Camp; I've got 342 to-be-reads currently sitting in my reader ... I'll get to them all, I promise!). This week I wanted to share a few of the ones that have stood out to me.

Pictures from
Over at Martha Stewart Bride (really Martha?? I love this side of you!!) they did an awesome write-up on jello-o shots (here). For real, JELL-O SHOTS!! How cool is that? The best part, there is a whole BLOG on this topic (here) - classing up jello molds ... oh, I'm a happy happy girl!

Knotty Bride did their own top ten list recently (here), and though I loved everything on it, you have to check out their number seven. Mixing real flowers with paper ones is just so flippin' awesome I can hardly deal!! I especially love the newspaper flowers - I'm thinking taking copied pages from your favorite book (I'm a book worm, forgive me!) would be such a personal statement. It could also be a great way to use pictures of those that you want to memorialize and carry with you (oooh, new idea!!!) Awesome!! Send me pictures!

Broke-Ass Bride (umm, could there be a better blog name??) wrote up a little bit about HONEST thank you cards (here). OMG, so funny. I highly recommend, in the middle of your thank you note writing frenzy, you write one or two like this just to get the sarcasm out of your system. My favorite line: "Thank you for the [xxxx]! I don’t remember registering for that, and I can’t imagine why I ever would." Love!

Over at A Practical Wedding, check out the story of a not-so-perfect proposal (here). I love this so so much, because not everyone has a story that consists of angels singing and soft focus perfection. Mine, for example, was wonderful but consists of much swearing. On my part. Before AND after the proposal. I would LOVE to hear your stories, oh faithful readers, of how you came to begin your journey to wedded bliss. As one reader on APW commented, "... any relationship that is solidified over a good temper tantrum is one that’s sure to stand the test of time."


Emmaline Bride is just the sweetest little blog, and sometimes they blow me away with their amazing freakin ideas. Check out their 'something blue hem' here. You guys, I even had to borrow a picture to show you myself. I think this might be the best idea EVER. I tweeted it, I facebooked it ... I seriously LOVE IT. You could go so many places with this one. You could stitch your name into it, or you could use your favorite color (ummm, hello hot pink!!); I might just pull out my twelve year old dress and add this detailing to it. LOVE IT.

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