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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weddings Dresses under $250?!?

Wait, what?

You heard me right people, gowns under $250.

On my recent trip to the mall, after I found the most awesome sparkly shoes I mentioned in last weeks post, I was wandering through the formal wear section and realized there are a lot of dresses there that would be stunning as wedding gowns for those of you looking for something affordable and still amazing.

Check out the two I fell in love with on the Nordstrom website.

The one on the left, a JS Boutique Beaded Crisscross Matte Jersey Gown, retails for $178. The one on the right, a Calvin Klein Sequin Trim Mesh Gown, retails for $218.

For real guys, at Nordstrom!

Over at BCBG, check out these dresses I found in the sale section.

The one on the left is called the Haute Satin Gown and is marked down to $160.80 on their website. On the right, the Timona Strapless Silk Gown is marked down to $216.00. If you go up even $100-$200 here you get several more super cute options on both their new lines and the sale stuff.

By thinking outside the box a little bit, it is possible to have an afforadble, practicle wedding without comprimising on your style. At JC Penney, for instance, there were some cute and simple dresses under $100. How about this one for a beachy wedding (click on picture to go to their site)?

Give yourself time and permission to explore places you wouldn't necessarily think to look for wedding items and allow yourself to be creative. You never know what you will find out there until you try it!

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