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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding Picture Inspiration

I see a lot of bloggers (or rather, vendors who blog) post sample inspiration boards for potential clients. Though I understand the concept, I think an inspiration board is very personal and each of you, if so inclined, should do one of your own, not look to someone else to put one together for you. I'm all for ripping magazine pages out and saving them, or putting together your inspiration pieces however you want to do it, but I would hope you wouldn't copy someone else's vision. Your wedding should be your own, not a copy of someone else's.

But I've realized something.

As I was looking through the file on my computer where I save all the pictures I love from the blogs I read (why? I don't know, I'm already married. But I love them, so I save them) the light bulb went on. The majority of the photos I have saved are pictures of actual weddings, of the couple getting married, of the photography styles that I love. And it occurred to me that this speaks as to what is important to me. I love pictures, and when planning my wedding I knew that the photographer was the one part of the wedding I didn't want to cut corners on. So every once in a while I want you to look through all those bookmarked pages, ripped out pics, files on your computer, etc and find a theme. Because, above all else, this is what you are drawn to, this is what is important to you. This is the image you have in your head, even if you can't verbalize it to anyone else. And this, THIS is why your inspiration book, board or file is important to keep.

Since I don't know what else I will ever do with these amazing pictures I have saved (without credits, unfortunately, so if you know where these came from please tell me and I will link to them), I am going to share a few of MY favorite images with you. Don't you feel lucky?

I save the best for last.

Wait for it now ... it is my all time favorite.

Are you ready for it? It makes me swoon. I've seen this one written up on several of the blogs I read, and every time I see this particular shot I actually catch my breath. I don't know if it's the stolen moment feel, the passion and slight possessiveness of those hands on the wall ... whatever it is, I love it and I want to recreate it at my wedding (I know, I know. I'm already married. This is a problem I often have in my job, but it's a good problem to have).

How freaking amazing is this shot? Sigh. I swoon again.

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