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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Engaging Words from Corrie

My friend emailed me recently to share her excitement about the most awesome wedding extravaganza she is planning for this coming August. Since I know you all enjoy a nice little story of happiness and fun I wanted to post it here. Everyone needs a dose of cute, so sit back and smile and enjoy her excitement.
And I bring you Corrie ...

I've been working on my wedding a lot lately and I am dying to tell someone about the details. I'm trying not to share every last little thing with everyone who is going to the wedding but I am bursting at the seams to get it all out to someone!!
Ready? OK! (in my most enthusiastic cheerleader voice)
I am not sticking with one color/decor theme but the overall vibe is going to be what I'll refer to as bohonaturecarnivalish...

Our ceremony and reception are going to be at a small State park that has a tiny little "amphitheater" area where we will do the ceremony, and a barn that will house the indoor activities of the reception. Due to the ever growing size of our guest list we're just having immediate family and our closest of friends at the ceremony and will follow it up with a humdinger of a reception.
I've just received half of the paper lanterns I'm going to be using and I'm in L-O-V-E with them. They are primarily white and grass green with some violet ones thrown in for accent and range in size from 8" - 36". I have 70 and will probably order another 70-100. Corey (my fianc√©) is designing a chandelier made out of some of the lanterns for the middle of the barn that makes me drool **editor’s note – I cannot WAIT to see this!**.

My aunt and her friend have collections of vintage tablecloths in a variety of colors and patterns, I'm going to be using them on all of the inside tables.

We have just planted 40 dahlia bushes but have a friend that has a flower farm that will have a ton of them just in case ours decide not to bloom. We'll have dahlias on all of the tables, dahlia petals as an aisle runner, and the bridesmaids will carry them as well.

Instead of the traditional flower girl and ring bearer we're going to have about a dozen children go down the aisle in a group blowing bubbles and throwing biodegradable confetti **love love love**.

There will be lawn games everywhere in the two big fields that are adjacent to the barn that people will be encouraged to play during the reception. A popcorn and snow-cone machine will be running on the patio outside of the barn. A locally-famous taco truck will be on site for people to purchase from if they'd like but we're also going to serve a light dinner for everyone.

My amazing friend Erin has taken over the guest book and is having her daughter photograph everyone who signs it and Corey and I will not see it until all of the photographs are in it next to everyone's messages. It will be handed to us on our way to the airport for our honeymoon that we're going to take in November. We're not going to open it until we're sitting by the beach with a cocktail in hand. It's going to be spectacular to sit there and re-live our wedding day. We can't wait!!
Note: The lantern and bubble pictures were stock photos found online.

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