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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Madness

Have you heard about this crazy wedding happening this weekend? Holy cow, unless you live under a rock, how could you not? I'm a little over the analyzing and guessing on what is going to happen - eesh people, let's just wait and let there be a surprise or two okay?

But I came across this graphic on a few different blogs so I wanted to share it here with my own two cents.

First, who in "normal" wedding world spends $1300 on their wedding jewelry? That's more than I spent on my dress(es)!!

Second, it makes me roll my eyes and proud at the same time that the only name I recognized on the list of most expensive weddings was Wayne Rooney. Soccer players rock. But seriously, is a $3 million dress necessary? (OMG, they were only 22!!) Though I wouldn't say no to the private yacht. I wonder if Becks was there?

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