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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Shoes-day

I wanted to write about shoes today. Or rather, I wanted to show off some funky, cute shoes as part of the Tuesday Shoes-day phenom I see on other wedding blogs. But as I have sat here searching for shoes for the last two hours, I’ve accepted a few things (not necessarily all shoe related).
1. I am not a fashionista. I do not keep tabs on what’s in, what’s new, what’s last season, what’s hip. I just know what I like, and I can help you figure out what you like and make it look pretty. Even if it’s five years old. I’m okay with that. There are other things that are more important to me (and probably to you).
2. It has never occured to me to try on a pair of designer shoes. I cannot justify the cost. But I searched for them today. And though these Manolo Blahniks are beautiful, they cost more than most of my monthly bills combined.
I really, really, really love these Jimmy Choos.

Even though they are "so last season". Even though the orignial cost is a equal to what I pay to feed my family of five for a month. I. Want. Them.
I will never own them, and I can live with that (because really, where would I ever wear them?). But I still want them.
3. Though I can organize the heck out of anything (except my children and my husband), I can keep you calm, make a mean list, give you great ideas, and cheer you on, I am NOT a wedding planner. I AM a wedding consultant. A coordinator. I keep things moving, but I do not reinvent the wheel. I know this. I’m happy with this. But occasionally, as I get caught up in the blog-o-sphere and the Wedding Industrial Complex, I have to remind myself that it’s okay. That I’m good at what I do. I don’t have to impress David Tutera with my mad designing skills. I have to be myself, keep you calm, organized and on task and make sure the day itself runs smoothly.
I can do that. But I’d sure look good in those Jimmy Choos.

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