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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Shoes-day. Oy.

I know in last week’s post I said I’m not good at the whole trendy ‘in’shoe thing. And I’m not good at finding them myself. But somehow this week, I’ve found the folks who are. So, thanks to them, check out these rocking shoes.
Tabs tweeted about these bitchen Gucci’s over the weekend. Um, yes please!
But before you fall totally in love with them, click here for a bit of a reality check.
WTF. This designer shoe thing is not a habit I can afford.

Over on aisle-candy, guest blogger Chris from Postcards and Pretties found these cuties I would stop and drool over too.

I need to find an affordable shoe blog ... I think the shoe whore in me has surfaced and it must be satiated. For now I'm going to add that Gucci picture to my wish list, right next to those Jimmy Choos I love.

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