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Friday, October 21, 2011

Vera Wang's Fall 2012 line

I am not normally one to write about main stream fashion - wedding related or not. I do my own thing and dress pretty conservative, but my taste tends to lean towards the funky and edgy. This week, I was pretty excited to hear the buzz about Vera Wang's new Fall 2012 line of wedding gowns. They are not your typical white and ivory gowns that have become industry standard. Finally, we are seeing something a little more dramatic.

You can check the line out on the Brides blog here. The inspiration was Witchcraft, with a little Gothic twist. I pretty much love them all.

Though the dresses are amazingly Vera, I'm not particularly fond of the look of death they gave the models. I'd like to think that brides are smiling and happy on their wedding day. But, who am I to judge her vision? To each their own, and I say if you want to wear a black wedding dress with 'death' make-up, you just need to own it!

I love that there is an, albeit tiny, switch in the wedding industry; that there are mainstream designers recognizing that not everyone wants to wear white to get married. Not everyone wants to do the traditional thing. Some of us want to have a little more fun on our wedding day, because it's the marriage that matters; and sometimes your personality just needs to shine through.

* Photo by John Aquino via

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