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Friday, September 16, 2011

Wedding Voice: Gloria & Eldon.

In honor of my aunt and uncles recent 44th wedding anniversary, I wanted to share their wedding story, in my uncles words. I love the simplicity of the day. I love that the focus was on celebrating the marriage itself, with just a simple reception at the end. I love that my uncle admits he was a bit of a wreck. And I love that they decided to skip out on the reception early. Because at the end of the day, it's the wedding that is the important part. You can eat cake anytime.

We were married on September 9, 1967 at the United Methodist Church. We were on a very tight budget as I was on active duty in the Air Force and being a recent enlistee, was making virtually no money. Gloria was working as secretary and she too was making minimal income. I was on leave and was being transferred from Mississippi to Texas and only had two weeks of leave. Hence, we did not have a professional photographer and just got photos that friends took. Also, the reception was held in the basement of the church with just a cake and fruit juices.

Gloria was very cool, calm and reserved on the day of the wedding. On the other hand, I was a nervous wreck. Had it not been for my Best Man, who was staying at my folks house with me, I would have probably been late, or not fully dressed. I was so nervous that I could not even get all the words for the marriage vows out. I joke that since I didn’t say all the vows, I am not really married. 

Editors note: Those are my grandparents, on the left, at about my age, which is just strange to think about.

Editors note: See that fourth bridesmaid in? Isn't she cute? Yep, that's my mom. And the second one in, that's another aunt. 

Gloria & I were expecting some dirty tricks being pulled on us after the wedding and so shortly after the reception started, we snuck out the back of the church and skipped most of the reception.

44 years ... wow. Happy anniversary to you both. I love you! 

And to the rest of you, please send me your wedding pictures, or those of your family. I'd love to share their stories!


  1. Oh my gosh, those pictures are fantastic! To see grandma and grandpa together like that, it's a first for me. And of course Gloria and Eldon looked fantastic!

  2. I know! I've been holding on to them for a while, I LOVE them!